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Shane Victorino drawing 'realistic' interest from eight clubs

The veteran outfielder has received calls from eleven teams total.

Josh Hedges

Free agent outfielder Shane Victorino is drawing "realistic" interest from at least eight different clubs, reports Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald:

Victorino, 31, did not have his best season in 2012, hitting .255/.321/.383 with eleven home runs in one hundred fifty-four games, but is still looking for a long-term deal on the free-agent market. Lauber also states that Victorino is open to playing any of the three outfield positions so long as he receives regular playing time.

With Torii Hunter signing a two-year, $26 million contract and lesser players like Cody Ross seeking three years and $25 million, it seems that Victorino may find the deal he is seeking. Teams will not have to relinquish a draft pick to sign the veteran outfielder because he was traded mid-season and thus was ineligible to receive a qualifying offer.