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Royals "not done" shopping for starting pitching

After trading for Ervin Santana and signing Jeremy Guthrie, it looks like the Royals might not be done adding pitching yet.

Ed Zurga

According to Jayson Stark, teams talking with Kansas City have been told that the team is not yet done shopping for pitching.

As the tweet states, the Royals may be targeting younger pitching. Rumors have been tossed around involving a trade in which they would give up top prospect Wil Myers to receive a top young pitcher, but at this point that seems unlikely.

One team that Kansas City has been frequently linked to is Seattle, who reportedly have interest in Billy Butler. They boost a trio of minor league pitching including Taijuan Walker, James Paxton, and Danny Hultzen.

Royals starters posted an ERA of 5.01 last year, fifth-worst in baseball. Jeremy Guthrie's ERA in 2012 was 4.78, and his career ERA is 4.28. Guthrie posted a 3.16 ERA for the Royals last season after being acquired mid-season.