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Stephen Drew Rumors

The market is beginning to shape up for shortstops, with the Red Sox, Tigers, and Yankees all interested in Drew.


Jon Heyman of CBS Sports is reporting that the Red Sox, Tigers, and Yankees are all interested in Stephen Drew.

The Tigers, Red Sox and Yankees are among teams to have interest in free-agent shortstop Stephen Drew.

Heyman acknowledges the fact that the Yankees, despite having Derek Jeter, are interested:

The Yankees' interest is curious since Drew has never played a game in the majors anywhere other than shortstop. However, there's no need for alarm bells.

The Yankees' thought regarding Drew doesn't reflect any additional concern Derek Jeter will be ready and able to play shortstop. They apparently figured they'd see if Drew had any interest in a super sub role off an uncharacteristically down season.

"I'm not looking to replace Derek Jeter,'' Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said. "He'll be playing every day for the whole year.''

This year, Jeter made 10 errors at shortstop and posted a UZR/150 of -16.4. Drew committed 8 errors and had a UZR/150 of -10.7.

The Tigers interest in Drew may link to the Jhonny Peralta rumors, and Heyman says as much:

The Tigers also are believed interested in Drew, and it's possible they could make a play for Drew if they trade Jhonny Peralta.