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Blue Jays sign Julio Izturis to minor-league contract

The other, other Izturis joins his half-brother Maicer in the Blue Jays organization.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

UPDATE: The Jays did not actually sign Cesar Izturis, but his other half brother Julio, reports Mike Cormack of Sportsnet:

The Toronto Blue Jays have indeed signed another Izturis brother, it's just not the one everyone was led to believe...

The Blue Jays had actually signed another Izturis brother, in this case 23-year-old Julio...[who] last played in 2011 with the short-season single-A Salem-Keizer Volcanoes in the San Francisco Giants system.

To cap off all the confusion, Julio's middle name is actually Cesar.


Original Story: The Toronto Blue Jays made yet another move on Wednesday, signing veteran infielder Cesar Izturis to a minor-league deal, reports Matt Eddy of Baseball America:

The 32-year-old Izturis returns to the club that signed him after eleven seasons with seven different big-league teams.The deal brings the Izturis brothers together for the first time their careers, the younger Maicer signing a three-year, $10 million contract with the club a few weeks ago.

The switch-hitting Cesar spent last season with the Milwaukee Brewers and Washington Nationals, appearing in only sixty-two games and hitting .241/.254/.343 with two home runs on the year. The elder Izturis has never been great with the bat -- he is a career .255/.294/.323 hitter -- but he does add some value with his glove. Per John Dewan's DRS stat, Izturis has saved sixty-four runs above average with his glove in his twelve-year career.