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Yankees Rumors: Russell Martin Waiting for New York Before Testing Market

Martin would prefer to stay with the Bronx Bombers, and is willing to wait for them to make an offer.


Russell Martin is waiting for an offer from the New York Yankees before he considers moving on to a different club, according to George A. King III of the New York Post.

With several teams looking for catching, Martin having proven he can catch regularly and not being in position to command megabucks or a long-term deal, baseball’s decisions makers believe Martin, 30 in February, wants to hear what the Yankees will offer him to stay before he gets serious about leaving.

King added that the Yankees are currently focused on Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera, and that industry experts believe Martin could be worth a three-year deal for $8-10 million per season.

Martin has been the Yankees' primary backstop the past two seasons, and has hit .224/.317/.405 with 39 home runs over that span.

Yesterday, David Walstein of the New York Times reported Martin wants to play shortstop for Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic. The Canadians lack a major league shortstop, but do have another catching option in George Kottaras of the Oakland Athletics.

Martin was a shortstop in college but has never played the position in the majors. He considers shortstop "his most natural position." There's no word on whether the Yankees would consider using Martin as a super utility player next year, but they're going to need help at shortstop with Derek Jeter out with a broken ankle. Martin has played 77 1/3 innings between third and second base over his major league career.