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Nationals rumors: Washington has no 'pressing needs'

D.C. baseball may have a quiet winter for the first time in a while.

Rob Carr

In stark contrast to recent offseasons, The Washington Nationals have no plans to make major upgrades this winter, reports Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post:

An unexpected offseason plan for the Nationals has now become a clear probability. Entering Davey Johnson’s last year as a manager — his "World Series or bust" swan song — it will seem like a downer. But it may also be smart.

Do nothing major. Stand pat. Abstain...

Johnson said: "I’m not pushing for anything. I don’t have a wish list. There’s nothing I think we have to go hog wild about this winter. We’re going to be strong next year. If we don’t do anything, we’ll be fine."

The Nationals are looking for a back-of-the-rotation starter to take the place of free agent Edwin Jackson, and may offer free-agent first baseman Adam LaRoche a contract, but have plenty of in-house options if LaRoche decides to go elsewhere.

General manager Mike Rizzo reiterated Johnson's statements, saying that the team does not have "any pressing needs" and that they will likely wait until the dust settles after the winter meetings to make any moves. The team could go after players like Zack Greinke or Michael Bourn, but Rizzo says that "sometimes, you’re better with known commodities."