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David Wright rumors: Mets make 'best offer'

Baseball execs do not believe differences over the contract's structure will derail talks so long as the money is there.

Drew Hallowell

The New York Mets have made their "best offer" to David Wright, a contract extension totaling eight years and $140 million, and now must wait for the third baseman to decide, reports Andy Martino of the New York Daily News:

The Mets have made what they consider to be their best offer to David Wright, and are awaiting a response from the third baseman’s camp, according to baseball officials familiar with the negotiations...

The Daily News reported on Tuesday that the Mets offered Wright a seven-year contract extension; added to Wright’s’ $16 million option for 2013, the Mets are willing to guarantee eight years and approximately $140 million.

Mets officials have continued with their line that discussions are "ongoing" while Wright and his agents have not made a comment on negotiations since expressing their frustration at reports a few days ago.

Martino's sources believe that the offer the Mets have made is similar to the one the Marlins gave Jose Reyes last season, with much of the money coming on the back-end of the deal. There may also be deferred money included in the deal, which reportedly led to a snag in negotiations yesterday.