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David Wright extension: Mets fans ecstatic, relieved

Alex Trautwig

When griping about deferred money and erroneous reports hit the airwaves two days ago, Mets fans must have been worried. After all the heartbreak, disappointment and -- more recently -- embarrassment the Mets organization has put fans through, making David Wright a Metropolitan for life seemed like a no-brainer to boost fans' spirits.

Could the Wilpons, et al. really screw this one up too?

Well, worry not, Mets' fans. David Wright will be a Met through 2020 -- his age 37 season -- at the price of $138 million over eight years. Naturally, Sam Page and the rest the folks over at Amazin' Avenue are ecstatic about it:

This is obviously the greatest news ever.

Putting aside questions of Wright's worth to the Mets for the next seven or eight years, this signing is a welcome balm to the deepest psychological wound in the Mets' fan psyche--our fear of the franchise player. Considering the Midnight Massacre, Doc's arm exploding, Straw falling off the wagon, the issue of which hat Piazza will wear to the Hall (if he even goes), and most recently Reyes, Mets fans have had little reason to believe in greatness as something not fleeting or borrowed...

Given all the losing, the budget cuts, and the stupid diss from Wilpon in The New Yorker, I certainly would not have blamed Wright for telling Fred to go screw. But I guess he wasn't done here. I'm glad. I hope he's around the Mets forever.

It almost wouldn't be the Mets without him.

With the new deal, Wright becomes the highest-paid player in New York Mets history, surpassing Johan Santana's $137.5 million six-year deal by a "mere" $500,000.

For anything and everything Mets, be sure to bookmark Amazin' Avenue.