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Phillies offer four-year deal to Angel Pagan

After missing out on B.J. Upton, the Philadelphia Phillies are pursuing free-agent center fielder Angel Pagan, but have competition.

Jeff Golden

After missing out on their pursuit of B.J. Upton, who eventually landed with the Atlanta Braves, the Philadelphia Phillies are now another free-agent center fielder and, again, have competition. According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, that free-agent is Angel Pagan.

Two teams have offered contracts to Pagan with the other being the San Francisco Giants. Philadelphia and San Francisco are the two teams that have submitted offers to Pagan's camp and both are four-year deals, writes Rosenthal.

It is unclear the exact amount the Phillies have offered, but according to Rosenthal, the contract would pay Pagan less than than what the team offered B.J. Upton, which was $55 million over five seasons, so the team could have enough money to fill other areas of need.

San Francisco may be willing to outbid Philadelphia to bring Pagan back considering the center field market trims down after Pagan signs. The Giants are also not expected to be players in the Michael Bourn or Josh Hamilton sweepstakes.