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Josh Hamilton rumors: Thoughts on reported asking price

What are your thoughts on Hamilton’s reported asking price of seven years and $175 million?

Ezra Shaw

It was reported this weekend that free agent outfielder Josh Hamilton is seeking a deal in the range of seven years and $175 million. There’s no questioning Hamilton’s talent, but will his injury history and off-the-field issues allow him to obtain such a hefty contract?

Despite being selected first overall in the 1999 MLB Draft, it took Hamilton until 2007 to reach the major league level. The reasoning for his delayed debut has been well documented, but once he reached baseball’s biggest stage he certainly performed well.

Over six seasons in the league Hamilton has hit .304/.363/.549 while averaging over 31 doubles and 28 home runs per season from 2008-12. He plays solid defense in the outfield and was named the 2010 American League MVP.

While his track record is expected to earn Hamilton an extremely high average annual salary, there are some who say he shouldn’t be handed more than a three-year commitment.

What are your thoughts on Hamilton’s reported asking price?