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Red Sox rumors: Should Boston trade Jacoby Ellsbury?

Should the Red Sox trade center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury?


The Boston Red Sox should trade center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury this winter, argues Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald:

With Ellsbury gone after next season, barring an unlikely contract extension, trading him becomes the quickest route to a short-term goal that bides time until the long-term plan is in place.

Silverman says the Red Sox are a team with many needs, but he implores them not to get "sucked into the mindset" of going out and signing high-priced free agents to plug their holes. Instead, he believes the club should look to replenish their ranks by dealing the talented Ellsbury.

For a team that seems to be in some sort of rebuilding mode, locking the 29-year-old Ellsbury up to a contract extension would seem to be a reasonable option. However, there doesn’t appear to be a reasonable extension to be had considering the outfielder’s inconsistent production and agent Scott Boras’ high demands.

Rather than roll the dice on a pricey new contract, Silverman says the Red Sox should trade Ellsbury, who’s eligible for free agency following the 2013 season.

After a break out campaign in 2011, Ellsbury struggled (.271/.313/.370) last season. He owns a career line of .297/.349/.442 over six years at the major league level.