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Zack Greinke rumors: Rangers owner Nolan Ryan believes Greinke built for the long-run

Ryan has no concerns over Greinke's durability.


Texas Rangers owner Nolan Ryan believes that Zack Greinke's "effortless" delivery and "feel" for pitching makes him a great candidate for a long-term deal, reports Jeff Wilson of the Forth Worth Star-Telegram:

Zack Greinke is the most coveted pitcher on the free-agent market this off-season, and he's certainly of interest to the Texas Rangers...

"When I look at him, I don't get concerns about him breaking down because he has a good delivery and it's effortless and he has a feel for pitching," Ryan said.

"He finds a way to give hitters a different look. You'd probably feel stronger about him as far as a longevity candidate than maybe some of the power guys."

Another testament to the 29-year-old Greinke's durability is that he has never had a serious arm injury, and was last placed on the DL in early 2011 for a rib injury sustained in a pick-up basketball game. Greinke's only other stint on the disabled list came in 2006 when he was battling with his affective anxiety disorder. Other than those two stints, Greinke's only time missed came in 2010 when he sat out four games because of shoulder inflammation.

As Greinke is the biggest pitcher on the market the winter, the Rangers will not be alone in their pursuit of the right-hander. The Angels, Blue Jays, Orioles, Brewers and Dodgers have all been tied Greinke at some point in time.