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Reds rumors: Cozart, Gregorius could be trade bait

With shortstops are in short supply this winter, the Reds could part with one of their two middle infielders.

Patrick McDermott

The Cincinnati Reds could trade either of their two shortstops -- Zack Cozart or Did Gregorius -- this winter if general manager Walt Jocketty finds a trade piece worth acquiring, reports Jon Morosi of FOX Sports:

The Reds have two talented shortstops on their 40-man roster: Zack Cozart, 27, and Didi Gregorius, 22. Both are far away from free agency, meaning one could be dealt to fill a more immediate need.

In fact, Jocketty told Thursday that it’s possible he will trade one of them this winter.

"It depends if we get back what we need," Jocketty said. "If we don’t, then I won’t mind holding onto them."

Cozart manned shortstop for the Reds for the most of 2012, hitting .246/.288/.399 with fifteen home runs in one hundred thirty-eight games. Gregorius received a September call-up and played well in his short stint, slashing six singles in twenty at-bats over eight games.

The Reds are believed to be seeking a closer and a leadoff hitter this winter, as the club wants to move Aroldis Chapman into the rotation and find a suitable replacement for the struggling Drew Stubbs. Morosi believes that the Oakland Athletics could be a good trade partner because of their need for a shortstop and their bevy of strong bullpen arms. The Arizona Diamondbacks, Minnesota Twins and Tampa Bay Rays are also on the hunt for shortstops and could be potential trade partners.