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Rangers rumors: Profar, Andrus not on the table for Upton

Texas is unwilling to part with either shortstop in a deal for D'Backs outfielder Justin Upton.


The Texas Rangers are not willing to give up either Elvis Andrus or Jurickson Profar in exchange for Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton, bringing trade prospects between the two teams to a halt, reports Jon Heyman of CBS Sports:

Texas will definitely be on the hunt for outfield help if they do not re-sign Josh Hamilton, but at the moment it appears that a deal with the Diamondbacks is not on the table. Joel Sherman of the NY Post reports that the Rangers could be willing to part with third baseman Mike Olt for Upton, but that the Diamondbacks are not sold on the hot corner prospect.

With top prospect Profar on Andrus' heels as the 2013 season approaches, many have speculated that the Rangers would look to trade one of the two shortstops this winter. While a deal for Upton is dead at the moment, that does not mean Texas' two shortstops cannot still be had at the right cost.