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Royals, Rays complete megatrade: Vote!

Who won the trade?


The Kansas City Royals and Tampa Bay Rays completed the third MEGATRADE of the calendar year late Sunday night, joining the ranks of the Red Sox/Dodgers and Marlins/Blue Jays deals.

Dayton Moore and the Royals put an end to "The Process" by sending prospects Wil Myers, Mike Montgomery, Jake Odorizzi and Patrick Leonard to the Tampa Bay Rays for right-handers James Shields and Wade Davis (plus maybe one more?).

Reaction and analysis has been swift and polarizing, with many condemning the Royals and others believing that the trade makes KC a definitive contender in 2013.

What do you think?

Does the addition of Shields and Davis make the Royals a real threat in the AL Central, or have Friedman and the Rays fleeced the Royals by taking baseball's No. 1 prospect and more?

What do the Royals need to accomplish in the next two years in order for this deal to be worth it and for Moore to keep his job?