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Josh Hamilton rumors: Yankees not involved

The Yankees are not involved in the pursuit of free agent Josh Hamilton, at this point.

J. Meric

The New York Yankees are not involved with free agent outfielder Josh Hamilton, at this point, reports Jon Heymanof CBS Sports.

Heyman adds that the Yankees would only consider signing Hamilton if he fell into their lap at a low price, something he doesn’t expect to happen.

This isn’t a surprise given New York’s reported budget concerns. The Yankees, who’ve consistently been one of the top spending teams in Major League Baseball, has made it a priority to check in below the luxury tax threshold to avoid paying a penalty.

Still, the Yankees do have a need in the outfield. Nick Swisher was the club’s everyday right fielder last season, but he’s not expected to return.

While this would seem to put New York in the market for a free agent outfielder such as Hamilton, the reason the team figures to be out on Swisher is his the fact that he’s seeking somewhere in the neighborhood of four years and $60 million. Hamilton, on the other hand, is hoping to sign a six- or seven-year contract with an average annual salary of $25 million per year.

Considering his demands and the Yankees eye on their budget, Hamilton doesn’t appear to be a fit in New York.