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White Sox want Pierzynski back--on their terms

Chicago is reportedly content to start Tyler Flowers behind the plate.

Brian Kersey

The White Sox have already lost third baseman Kevin Youkilis as a free agent to the Yankees, but according to CSN Chicago's Dan Hayes, Chicago is interested in bringing back backstop A.J. Pierzynski—on its terms. If the team fails to come to an agreement with Pierzynski, it will start Tyler Flowers behind the plate.

While Pierzynski is not a stellar defender, he is a good-hitting catcher, a rare commodity. The soon-to-be 36-year-old had a huge year at the dish, hitting .278/.326/.501 while establishing a new career-high in homers with 27; Pierzynski's previous high was 18 jacks in 2005. However, he hit a career-low 18 doubles. Teams that value players on base are out of luck with Pierzynski, an aggressive swinger who drew just 28 walks in 520 plate appearances.

Chicago's other catching option, Flowers, is only slightly better on defense and provides little in the way of offense, apart from the occasional homer. The 26-year-old former top prospect has yet to play a full season, but his career rates of .205/.307/.388 are telling.

Pierzynski represents a huge risk as a long-term commitment because he is an aging catcher coming off a career year, but he will almost certainly outhit Flowers over the next few years. If Chicago wants to maintain steady production from their backstop, they might have to pony up to Pierzynski's demands.