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Yankees and Angels Talk Vernon Wells

The Yankees are looking for a right-handed hitting outfielder and the Angels have too many players in their outfield. The two teams are a natural fit, but Vernon Wells is hardly the name Yankees fans are hoping to hear being discussed.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

The Angels have an excess of outfielders following their surprise signing of free agent Josh Hamilton and other GMs are well aware of that fact. While the majority of teams are focusing on Mark Trumbo and Peter Bourjos, the Yankees have spoken with the Angels about Vernon Wells, a name that has become synonymous with the term albatross contract.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the two teams have discussed a deal that would send Wells to New York with the Angels paying the majority of the $42M owed to the outfielder over the next two years. Wells fits the Yankees need for a right-handed hitter in their outfield, but given his .222/.258/.409 batting line in his two seasons with the Angels, it is hard to imagine the Yankees giving up much for him, even if Los Angeles pays his full salary. The Yankees are also interested in Scott Hairston for that role, but they have thus far been unwilling to go two years on a deal with the former Met.

Rosenthal cites the Phillies and Rays as other possible suitors for Wells, but with more desirable players on the Angels roster and free agents like Hairston and Cody Ross still available, it is difficult to see why any team would look to the 34 year old Wells as an option at this point.