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MLB Winter Meetings countdown: What one move does your team need to make?

With just hours to go before the MLB Winter Meetings get underway, I go to twitter and ask you guys what your team needs to get done. Let's do this!

Jason Miller

We had some really great responses to today's twitter question. Let's take a look:

What one move does your team need to make?

Andrew thinks the Yankees to re-sign Ichiro and/or replace him with another outfielder while finding a catcher to replace the departed-to-the-Pirates Russell Martin. Both reasonable, though I question how much Cashman wants to spend this season. Still looks like he wants to cut back a bit for luxury tax purposes, doesn't it?

Justin thinks the Nationals should find a 5th starter and some bullpen help, which I think "must be nice." That's what every good team's fans say:

Another Andrew says the Phillies need to keep up with the Nationals and Braves are doing, but I'm asking for specifics here dudes! What do you want?

Who exactly?

Oh yeah. It's nice to want things.

Brooklyn says the Mets should trade R.A. Dickey to the Royals for Top 5ish prospect Wil Myers and something else. I'm thinking the Royals would actually have the upper hand here, considering what the Yankees were able to get in return for Montero, a similarly thought-of prospect at the time (credit to Rany Jazayerli for that analysis):

Milky here thinks the Tigers need a back of the rotation starter or to re-sign Anibal Sanchez. I refer you to my earlier analysis that suggests this is the type of stuff fans of great teams always say. And for what it's worth, it's true. Most good teams just want to get better at the margins, a 5th rotation guy here, a new 8th-inning guy there, maybe a bench middle infielder/center-fielder type with speed:

Jon says the Baltimore Orioles need better on-base guys. I don't think that counts as "one thing," though it's probably true:

Ghost Dog things the Brewers need some additional relievers:

Thanks for participating guys, it was a lot of fun. If I didn't get to your team's one need, will you leave it in the comments below?