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Nationals rumors: D.C. pursuing Mike Gonzalez

Washington is showing interest in re-signing the lefty reliever for its bullpen.


The Washington Nationals are looking to add depth to their already strong bullpen and, according to ESPN's Jim Bowden, the team has its sights set on re-signing left-handed reliever Mike Gonzalez. However, the Nationals will have competition for the 34-year-old's services; Bowden notes that the Reds are also interested in Gonzalez.

Gonzalez posted his best season since 2009 as a member of the Nationals. In 2012, he pitched 35.2 innings, allowing 7.8 hits per nine and keeping the ball in the ballpark. Though his stellar 9.8 K/9 was his best mark since 2010, but Gonzalez also has a penchant for wildness, walking about four batters per nine innings pitched.

Teams looking into signing Gonzalez will likely examine his medical records closely. The southpaw is a disabled list veteran, with a Tommy John surgery under his belt and multiple knee and back injuries. What might cause more concern are Gonzalez's past rotator cuff and labrum injuries, as shoulder problems are not as projectable as elbow injuries.

However, the Nationals know Gonzalez well from last season, and the Reds might be hoping for a lefty reliever to replace Aroldis Chapman, who will be moving to the starting rotation.