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Mariners rumors: Seattle seeking outfielder, pitching

The Mariners are still looking for an outfield bat and -- with Jason Vargas on his way to Southern California -- they need to find a new arm for the rotation.

Rob Carr

The Seattle Mariners acquired a much-needed middle-of-the-order bat earlier this week, netting switch-hitting slugger Kendrys Morales from the Los Angeles Angels. Even with the big addition, the club is still mining the free-agent market for help, focusing on an outfield bat and a pitcher to replace the recently departed Jason Vargas, reports Greg Johns of

Timing may not be right for any more additions before the holiday, but that certainly doesn't mean Seattle is done with its roster maneuverings.

Wednesday's trade of Jason Vargas for Angels first baseman/designated hitter Kendrys Morales helps the Mariners' offense, but creates a hole in the rotation that Zduriencik can still look to fill either through free agency or another trade...

As for position players, Zduriencik has talked of adding a veteran defensive-oriented catcher as well as outfield help.

The move of Vargas to Anaheim in exchange for Morales gives the club about $3 million more in available money to spend on a free agent target or two. Seattle could choose to spend most of their remaining money on a big-name player like outfielder Nick Swisher, but then they would be left with almost no funds to sign the starting pitcher they need.

Johns speculates that the Mariners could use the money to make several smaller acquisitions instead of one big one, leaving room for the club to meet all their needs at the risk of not getting as much production. Seattle could also look to trade someone like Justin Smoak for the pieces they need, especially now that they have a bit of a logjam at first base/designated hitter.