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White Sox rumors: Jason Kubel, Gavin Floyd

Chicago is on the hunt for a left-handed bat and have made it known again that right-hander Gavin Floyd is available.

Jason Miller

The Chicago White Sox has been fairly quiet this winter, their lone move of note being the three-year deal handed out to third baseman Jeff Keppinger. Despite their non-presence so far, the squad is still looking to be active on the market and is currently on the prowl for a left-handed bat, reports Danny Knobler of CBS Sports:

There are very few solid bats left on the free-agent market, though the top two still available -- Michael Bourn and Adam LaRoche -- are left-handed hitters. The White Sox are unlikely to make a play for either of the pair, however, so their best option for acquiring a lefty bat may be in a trade.

It was reported earlier this morning that the Chi Sox had held talks about acquiring Diamondbacks outfielder Jason Kubel. Arizona has a want for starting pitching since trading Trevor Bauer away to Cleveland, so perhaps the two sides can work out a Floyd for Kubel one-for-one exchange. Both players have one guaranteed season left under contract and the disparity in their contracts for 2013 is just $2 million.