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Blue Jays roundup: R.A. Dickey, Ryan Langerhans, Ramon Ortiz

Here's a roundup of all the recent news and notes regarding the Toronto Blue Jays.

Alex Trautwig

Hey guys we've had a ton of content since the winter meetings, so it's easy to miss stuff. Here's the latest from the Toronto Blue Jays:

The Blue Jays have been extremely active on the trade market this offseason. Following their mega-deal with the Miami Marlins, Toronto was also able to acquire right-hander and 2012 Natinonal League Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey from the New York Mets.

Following Toronto’s agreement with New York, the trade wouldn’t be completed until the Blue Jays and Dickey signed a contract extension. An agreement was ultimately reached, and Dickey is now a Blue Jay.

Here’s a breakdown of the trade itself and the extension that followed soon after.

More recently, the Blue Jays added a pair of veterans on minor league contracts; outfielder Ryan Langerhans and right-hander Ramon Ortiz.

Also, be sure to follow the Blue Jays team stream for everything on the club!