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Red Sox rumors: Nick Swisher, Cody Ross, Shane Victorino

The Red Sox are still targeting offense on the free agent market beyond Mike Napoli.

Nick Laham

Even after reportedly reaching a three-year agreement with free agent first baseman/catcher Mike Napoli, the Boston Red Sox continue to be tied to free agent bats, including Nick Swisher, Cody Ross and Shane Victorino, reports Jayson Stark of ESPN:

Stark adds that if the Red Sox do officially sign Napoli it would take them out of the running for free agent first baseman Adam LaRoche. While other teams were targeting Napoli as a catcher, he is expected to be the Red Sox primary first baseman if they sign him.

Napoli would fill the team’s void at first base, but Boston still has a need in the outfield. Ross, who the team’s targeting, has hit the open market after manning a corner outfield spot for the Red Sox last season, and Boston traded left fielder Carl Crawford to the Los Angeles Dodgers over the summer.

Swisher would appear to be the most costly of the bunch, as it was reported entering the offseason that he was seeking somewhere in the neighborhood of Jayson Werth’s $100 million-plus contract. While he doesn’t figure to reach this lofty total, he should get paid considering his solid and consistent track record.

Ross is reportedly looking for a three-year contract similar to the one signed by Josh Willingham last winter.