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Mets serious about trading R.A. Dickey

The New York Mets have gotten serious about trading starting pitcher R.A. Dickey and a trade could be triggered as soon as this week.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Mets have been working to extend R.A. Dickey this offseason, but the two sides have yet to strike a deal. Could they have hit a snag in talks that is insurmountable to overcome? One could say yes, after seeing ESPN's Jayson Stark latest report that the team has gotten serious about trading their ace, perhaps as soon as this week.

Sources say #Mets have gotten "serious" about trading R.A. Dickey as soon as this week. #Rangers & #Royals seen as most logical fits.

The Royals have been searching for a pitcher they could put at the top of their rotation in 2013 and would be willing to trade top prospect Wil Myers. However, they could be disinterested in dealing for a starter with such few years on his current contract.

Would the Rangers, who are loaded with prospects to trade, prefer Dickey on a short-term deal over Zack Greinke at six or seven seasons at an extremely high annual salary?