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Cubs no longer considering Yuniesky Betancourt at 3B

Betancourt is talking with 4 teams, but the Cubs are not one of them.

Ed Zurga

The Chicago Cubs are no longer considering bringing in Yuniesky Betancourt at third base now that Ian Stewart has re-signed with the team, a source tells MLB Daily Dish.

This obviously does not preclude the club from pursuing Betancourt for utility purposes, but it does take him out of the running for the starting spot.

Betancourt was in talks with 4 teams with the intent to sign "shortly after the holidays" according to a report earlier this week, and with Carrie Muskat of reporting earlier this month that the Cubs were considering Yuni at third, some assumed the Cubs were one of those 4 teams. We can cross the Cubs off that list for now.

The free-agent middle infielder is coming off a regrettable season with the Royals, where he was signed to backup Chris Getz at second base but saw increasing amounts of playing time until an injury kept him out for the month of May. His game never quite recovered (to say the least) and he was designated and released by the club in August. One might presume the Royals are not on that list of 4 teams either.

With essentially every starting middle infielder position in the league somewhat sewn up, Yuni will likely sign into a utility role and provide options for a team looking for extra coverage up the middle.