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Diamondbacks and Phillies Upton/Lee swap rumor is 'off base'

Despite a report that they were discussing a Cliff Lee/Justin Upton swap, it appears as though the Diamondbacks and Phillies are not, and the report was false.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Pedro Gomez of ESPN is reporting that the Diamondbacks and Phillies have discussed a deal that would send pitcher Cliff Lee to the Diamondbacks and outfielder Justin Upton to Philadelphia.

Despite this, Nick Piciero of AZCentral Sports says the report is "off base."

Upton, 25, has been involved in trade rumors as far back as the trade deadline, but this is the first news of anything like this being discussed. Teams such as the Rangers and Mariners have been tossed around as potential suitors.

The 34-year old Lee was signed to a 5-year $120 million contract that began in the 2011 season, while Upton signed his current extension before the 2010 season, for 6 years and $51.25 million.