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Giants pick up Sabean and Bochy's options

The Giants have picked up the 2014 options for Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy.

Ezra Shaw

John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Giants have picked up the 2014 options for Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean. This comes as no surprise, as the Giants have now won two World Series in the last three seasons.

Bochy became the Giants' manager beginning in the 2007 season, while Sabean has been the GM in 1996 and has held his position since then. The Giants have won three pennants under Sabean. It would not be a shock to anyone if these two are extended beyond 2014.

Some of Sabean's most notable moves include the Barry Zito contract, signing Matt Cain to an extension, and trading pitching prospect Zack Wheeler to the Mets for Carlos Beltran at the 2011 trade deadline. Sabean pulled small moves such as acquiring Gregor Blanco, Marco Scutaro, and Angel Pagan, all of which went along way towards securing the Giants' second World Series championship in three years.

Bochy has a .517 winning percentage with the Giants, and finished third in the 2012 Manager of the Year rankings. He won the award in 1996 as manager of the San Diego Padres, and has finished in the top three five times in his career.