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Dodgers clear favorite in the Greinke chase

The Dodgers appear to be moving in on Zack Greinke.

Jeff Golden

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports reports that the Dodgers are the "clear favorite" for Zack Greinke. The Dodgers have been in the lead for most of the offseason, and at this point it seems as though them signing him is a mere formality.

After Dan Haren signed with the Nationals earlier today, that took away one of the other suitors for Greinke. The Dodgers reportedly have been the most aggressive in terms of how much money they are willing to put towards Greinke.

The Dodgers have also been linked to R.A. Dickey, which may just be a leveraging tactic.

Greinke, 29, won the American League CY Young award in 2009. He was traded in July to the Angels, and for two teams in 2012 he posted an ERA of 3.48.

Despite suffering from an anxiety disorder, Greinke has been able to keep it under control. Pitching in a big market should not be an issue for him.