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Marlins Notes: Escobar, Stanton, Nolasco

The Marlins have some players that have been thrown around in trade rumors, so let's take a look.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

On his blog, Joe Frisaro dishes on some Marlins players that have been talked about in rumors.

Trade talks have picked up regarding Yunel Escobar, and the Rays and A’s are among the teams most interested.

Frisaro mentions that they are planning to deal Escobar, and reports have mentioned that Escobar wants out of Miami. Escobar is a bit redundant for Miami, as they also acquired shortstop Adeiny Hecchavarria in the blockbuster trade.

The Rays just signed shortstop Sean Rodriguez to a 1-year $1 million contract to avoid arbitration, so them being in the shortstop market may mean that they view him as a backup option. Oakland is waiting on Stephen Drew to respond to their contract offer.

Frisaro also reiterates what has been said about Giancarlo Stanton all along, that he will not be traded this offseason.

Stanton was not happy when the Marlins made the trade, and made his feelings public on Twitter. The team has been consistent in saying they will not trade the slugging outfielder.

He also talks about Ricky Nolasco, who has had a lot of buzz around him as a player who could be moved. Frisaro mentions that the Marlins will probably not trade Nolasco, despite what his agent has been asking for.