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NL East Roundup: Winter Meetings Day 3

No signings today, but the Phillies continued their hot pursuit of a highly-coveted outfielder and the Marlins joined several other teams on the hunt for a new third baseman.

Scott Cunningham

After two action-packed days for the NL East, things cooled down a bit Wednesday.

No one was signed or traded, but clubs remain in pursuit of some big names. The Phillies stepped things up in their targeting of one of the biggest names left on the market, the Marlins sized up the third-base market, and the Mets continued their fruitless search for catchers and bullpen help.

Without further ado, here’s a recap of Day 3 in the NL East.

Signings / Acquisitions

  • None today!

Ongoing Rumors

Dead Rumors

Other News

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