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Michael Young, Phillies trade coming today?

With the Philadelphia Phillies reportedly willing to eat as much as $10 million in the deal, it appears Michael Young’s tenure with the Texas Rangers could soon be coming to an end.


Both clubs are now in a holding pattern while they await Young's decision to waive his no-trade clause as he has 10-5 rights (meaning he has 10 years in the majors and at least five years with the same team).'s T.R. Sullivan is reporting the trade could be done as earlier as today.

The Rangers are ready to trade infielder Michael Young to the Phillies. Industry sources said the trade could finally go down on Saturday...

Young will take over full-time duty at third base in Philadelphia, his playing time in Texas was expected to be reduced to more of a multi-positional backup role after a season in which he recorded the worst WAR (-1.4) in Major League Baseball. He also posted career lows in both home runs (8) and OPS (.682).

Texas is expected to receive a reliever, likely Josh Lindbolm, and a prospect in return for Young, but more importantly, the money saved in this deal should allow the front office to increase their efforts to land either outfielder Josh Hamilton or starting pitcher Zack Greinke.

Although the Phillies will be taking on a large portion of Young’s salary, it is essentially a one-year commitment. Young is entering the last season of a five-year, $80 million deal, which begs the question: are any one-year contracts really bad contracts?