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Red Sox Rumors: Still in on Roy Oswalt, Edwin Jackson

Things are moving quickly in Boston, where the Red Sox, players, agents, and various media are playing a game of will-they/won't-they chicken with Roy Oswalt and Edwin Jackson rumors. And when I say "moving quickly," I mean no real movement is taking place.

We heard earlier today that the Red Sox are likely out of the picture on Jackson, and we knew that Oswalt doesn't want to pitch in Fenway this season...but now we're seeing (courtesy of Alex Speier, WEEI) that no, the Red Sox are still involved. On both.

What to make of this discrepancy? I'm speculating here, but this looks an awful lot like one source knowing more than the other -- or one source actively trying to keep a market alive for his clients. *ahem*. Here's the latest:

  • Source: Sox still talking to Oswalt, Jackson - Alex Speier | WEEI
    "According to a major league source, the Red Sox continue to talk with free agent starters Roy Oswalt and Edwin Jackson about the possibility of signing with Boston for 2012. However, the source said, neither pitcher appears close to a deal to join the team. The source characterized a report that the team was "most likely out of the picture" on Jackson as inaccurate."
  • Boston Likely Out on Edwin Jackson - Gordon Edes | ESPN Boston
    "Also Wednesday, a baseball source said that the Red Sox have made an offer but are "most likely out of the picture" for Edwin Jackson, the top starting pitcher remaining on the free-agent market, because there are better deals on the table from other clubs."