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White Sox Notes: Dan Johnson signed; Prospects; Negative-WAR Players

Let's do a quick roundup on the Chicago White Sox, where the club signed Dan Johnson to a minor league deal, Baseball America's top prospects are on doorsteps around the nation, and where South Side Sox considers a study of negative Wins Above Replacement players on the roster:

WAR's toll on the White Sox - South Side Sox
"In the Jerry Manuel years, the negative-WAR players were the kind of players you'd expect to not contribute all that much -- backup catchers, utility players and rookies. You also see a couple of players who were thrust into positions they weren't cut out for -- Perez and Borchard had to try to replace Magglio Ordonez after his knee injury in 2004, and Daubach played more first base than expected as Paul Konerko contemplated his entire hitting approach. Really, that Konerko death spiral is the only occurrence that qualifies as a complete letdown."