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Padres Sign Micah Owings to 1-Year, $1M Deal

6:00 PM ET: Ken Rosenthal is reporting the deal is a major league deal, and is for one year and $1 million, pending a physical.

5:17 PM ET: The San Diego Padres have signed pitcher/slugger/wunderkind Micah Owings to a minor league deal, according to Dan Hayes of the North County Times. The deal includes an invitation to Spring Training.

Owings, 29, is actually listed on his b-ref page as "Pitcher and Pinch Hitter," which should please try-everything baseball dads around the country. In this case, though, the extra bullet point isn't filler -- he can actually hit on top of being an extreme fly-ball pitcher, as Rob Neyer points out:

  • Twitter / @NCTPadres: #Padres agree to a minor d ...
    "Padres agree to a minor deal with pitcher Micah Owings and will invite him to big league camp."
  • Pitcher-Slugger Micah Owings Signs With Padres - Baseball Nation
    "Granted, he probably benefited from shifting to the bullpen after spending most of his professional career as a starter. But then, most relief pitchers are failed starters so there's little shame in that. And this seems like a great fit, as Owings is a fairly extreme fly-ball pitcher and his new home ballpark -- assuming he earns a spot on the squad -- is where fly balls go to die terrible deaths."