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Dodgers Notes: James Loney DUI Dropped, Team Sale Could Break Record

Three quick notes on the Los Angeles Dodgers today: Steve Dilbeck of LA Times points out how Frank McCourt's sale of the team will make every other owner that much richer, despite their feelings of the man, James Loney's DUI charge has been dropped based on lack of evidence (lol), and Marc Hulet of FanGraphs takes a look at the club's prospects:

  • Dodgers' Frank McCourt: MLB owners' new inspiration - Steve Dilbeck |
    "So how could the man who mismanaged the Dodgers so badly that Commissioner Bud Selig had a lieutenant take over the team's daily control, who shamed the team by dragging it into bankruptcy court, who has become a local and national laughingstock and whose fans deserted him in record numbers act as a beacon to his fellow Major League Baseball owners? Because he’s about to make them all richer. OK, make that, even richer."
  • Dodgers Star James Loney -- Off the Hook in Crazy DUI Case |
    "L.A. Dodgers 1st baseman James Loney has dodged a MAJOR bullet ... because prosecutors have rejected the DUI case against him ... even though he allegedly acted like a complete maniac on the night he crashed his Maserati."
  • Top 15 Prospects: Los Angeles Dodgers - Marc Hulet | FanGraphs Baseball
    "Ownership needs to commit to rebuilding the organization from the inside out and it has one of the best scouting directors in the business, Logan White, to lean on. The Dodgers organization does have some impressive arms but things fall off quickly after them."