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Roy Oswalt Rumors: Rangers, Phillies Out of the Running

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More Roy Oswalt rumors are swirling just eight days before Spring Training begins, and we might finally be starting to see some traction. Jayson Stark from ESPN says that the Philadelphia Phillies and Texas Rangers will not be signing him, for one. Stark mentioned yesterday that the Phillies had emerged as a candidate, while the Rangers have been mentioned for a while.

It seems like there is mutual interest with Oswalt and the St. Louis Cardinals, who are a finalist for him, along with the Boston Red Sox. He has been avoiding Boston for a while, and like I said last night, rightfully so if he wants another contract next season.

He wants to sign with the Cardinals, but it is tough for them with a full rotation already, so the Red Sox may have all the leverage on this. It is just a matter of if he will sign there.