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David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox Avoid Arbitration

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The Boston Red Sox and designated hitter David Ortiz have come to an agreement today to avoid arbitration, according to Buster Olney from ESPN. The deal is a one year agreement worth $14.75 million, the middle ground for what the two sides were fighting for.

It was just hours before the two would have to go in front of a judge when this was announced. Since Theo Epstein came to Boston, and has since left, the Red Sox have never gone to arbitration. David Ortiz had been looking for over $16 million, while the Red Sox offered $12 million, his salary from last season.

The Red Sox have not wanted to spend this offseason, even executing a pure salary dump when they traded starting shortstop Marco Scutaro to the Colorado Rockies for nearly nothing in return. The Red Sox are still a favorite for Roy Oswalt, however, so we'll see how this affects that.