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Jose Guillen Wants To Play Again

According to Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes, former major league player Jose Guillen is attempting a comeback to the major leagues after skipping the 2011 season to recover mentally and physically. The former outfielder will turn 36 years of age in May, and has been training in his native Dominican Republic to get back into shape, reports Rojas.

The article is written in Spanish, but thanks to Google Chrome's automatic translation, here's a section of the report originally written by Rojas:

Outfielder Jose Guillen trained in the Dominican Republic in order to facilitate a possible return to the majors and at least a couple of teams have shown interest to evaluate when you are in shape, said Tuesday a source of credit whole

Guillen, at age 34, hit .258/.314/.416 with 19 home runs in the 2010 season with the Royals and Giants. As Rojas notes in the article, a neck injury prevented him from playing in the postseason.