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Remaining MLB Free Agents 2012

With just a few days left until pitchers and catchers report and soon after, spring training officially beginning, let's take a look at the remaining MLB free agent class of 2012, presented in no particular order.

You might notice that there's at least one good pitcher (Oswalt), and a couple that one might think would still be good (Rich Harden, Brandon Web), and a few that probably grew up with your dad (Tim Wakefield, Arthur Rhodes).

On the batting side, you'll notice such modern wonders as Ross Gload (one of my favorite "not terrible" players ever), legitimate they-might-have-some-gas-left players like Johnny Damon and Raul Ibanez, as well as several other "do you think they can even DH at this point?" -type of players (Guerrero?).

Just think, for the right price YOUR team could get one of these beauties:


Tim Wakefield
Sergio Mitre
Damaso Marte
Rommie Lewis
Horacio Ramirez
David Aardsma
Rich Harden
Brandon Webb
Mike Gonzalez
Chris Young
Jason Isringhausen
Roy Oswalt
Arthur Rhodes
Ross Ohlendorf
Michael Wuertz


Jason Varitek
Eric Chavez
Johnny Damon
Vladimir Guerrero
Magglio Ordonez
Jason Kendall
Ramon Castro
Hideki Matsui
Ross Gload
Raul Ibanez
Ivan Rodriguez
Edgar Renteria
Derrek Lee
Xavier Nady
Aaron Miles
Miguel Tejada