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Red Sox, Cubs, Close to Settling Theo Epstein Compensation

Earlier this morning, Nick Cafardo from the Boston Globe reported via tweet that the Theo Epstein compensation talks between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs should come to an end soon.

The decision has been placed with MLB commissioner Bud Selig after the sides failed to come to agreement. They have been debating since October. Cafardo said that a Red Sox official told him that it will be settled "very soon".

Theo Epstein left his position as Boston Red Sox general manager in November after the Red Sox late September collapse. He became the president of the Chicago Cubs, with his former assistant GM in Boston, Jed Hoyer, leaving the San Diego Padres to be his GM.

There were rumors of someone maybe as high caliber as Matt Garza to the Red Sox in these compensation talks, but with it now in the commissioner's hands, it is likely to be much smaller.