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Royals Notes: Hosmer, Moustakas, Cain, Mendoza Signed

The Kansas City Royals have signed Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain, and Luis Mendoza all to one-year deals, according to Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star. All four sign for just under $500 thousand since they're all under the minimum three years major-league service time required to negotiate:

For Want Of A Pitcher: Left Wanting. - Rany Jazayerli
But if Dayton Moore knew that he didn’t have the money for another guy, then spending $8.5 million combined on Chen and Jonathan Broxton is a waste of resources if it could have been spent on Jackson. And if he knew that he didn’t have another rotation spot to offer, he should have been more patient to see how the market presented itself.

Every year Moore likes to make an aggressive move right out of the gate, and more often than not he shoots himself in the foot. He traded Leo Nunez (excuse me, Juan Carlos Oviedo) for Mike Jacobs on October 31st. He traded Ramon Ramirez for Coco Crisp on November 19th. He traded David DeJesus for Vinny Mazzaro and Justin Marks on November 10th.

He signed Bruce Chen on November 23rd, when if he had waited until January, he would have had a greater selection at discounted prices to look at it in the showroom.

With KC's Starters, The Bullpen Needs To Be Deep - Royals Review
Kansas City's starters were not able to throw late into games last year. They were tied for 12th in the AL with Boston at 5.8 IP/GS (Baltimore was worst at 5.4). Tampa on the other hand averaged 6.5 IP/GS. This difference is huge when looked at over the course of a season. With the average AL game going 8.9 innings, Kansas City will would need their bullpen to throw 3.1 innings and the Rays only 2.3. Over the course of the season, this difference works out to be a difference of 130 innings or over 14 full games.