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NL Central Weekend Review: Epstein, Soler, Veras, Gimenez, Jones

The NL Central is beginning to crystallize into what we'll probably see going into the season, but that doesn't mean we're done. Over the past week, the Cubs have moved closer to settling the Theo Epstein compensation issue with the Red Sox (though I did just see a "no update" tweet scroll past as I'm writing this) as well as showing interest in Cuban Jorge Soler.

Elsewhere in the Central, the Brewers/Veras arbitration case was settled in the club's favor, and the Pirates have traded for A.J. Burnett from the Yankees, pending MLB approval and a physical:

MLB Complete Organizational Charts: NL Central - MLB Daily Dish
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These are live charts -- meaning if you check back tomorrow you'll see updates as we get them. These are also a work in progress, so if you're an insider (or a really amazing fan!), don't hesitate to send us feedback and corrections. Together we can make and maintain this kick-ass resource and have something every fan can look to as fantasy season (and rosterbation season) begins.