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Johnny Damon, Vladimir Guerrero Seeking Deals Worth $5 Million

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Two veteran hitters with impressive track records, Johnny Damon and Vladimir Guerrero, have command little interest this winter. Now we have an obvious explanation, as ESPN's Jayson Stark is reporting that both players have been seeking one-year deals with roughly $5 million apiece in guaranteed salary.

Given that both Damon and Guerrero are aging, defensively-challenged hitters coming off less-than-superb offensive seasons, it's pretty easy to understand why nobody is showing interest in those two. They're both essentially designated hitter options at this point, so they're not really useful players unless they're performing at the plate.

Damon, 38, hit .261/.326/.418 with 16 homers and 19 steals in 647 plate appearances with the Tampa Bay Rays last season. Guerrero, 37 in a week, hit .290/.317/.416 with 13 homers in 590 plate appearances in Baltimore Orioles in 2011.