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Cubs / Red Sox Epstein Compensation Deal Close

10:31 AM ET: Whoa, perhaps it's a comp pick a bit more worthy than we originally thought? Alex Speier is reporting the pick will come from the Cubs 40-man roster. This is moving quickly, so expect a resolution today.

10:17 AM ET: The decision on how to compensate the Boston Red Sox for losing Theo Epstein to the Chicago Cubs is close, according to Gordon Edes of ESPN. Edes suggests the deal will include "one quality minor leaguer." The definition of "quality" is at the heart of who is sent over.

Marc Normandin at Over the Monster takes a look several potential candidates, and I'm including a link to our Cubs org chart down below -- maybe you can find the prospect in question?

Ken Rosenthal suggests it could be as soon as today.

  • Theo Epstein Compensation "Close" For Red Sox And Cubs - Over the Monster
    "If Bud Selig wants to punish the Cubs so that teams are more reluctant in the future to poach executives from other front offices while they are still under contract, then we're talking about Brett Jackson. But Selig likely isn't going to punish the Cubs to that extent, and the Cubs probably didn't include their top prospect on the list of acceptable compensation, so let's just agree now that it's probably not Brett Jackson."
  • Chicago Cubs Complete Organizational Chart - MLB Daily Dish
    A complete, live chart of the Chicago Cubs organization -- leadership, rosters, salaries, arbitration and options, as well as prospect rankings.