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San Diego Padres Talking Extension With Cameron Maybin

The San Diego Padres and center fielder Cameron Maybin are continuing to discuss a possible contract extension between both sides, according to Dan Hayes of the North County Times. Maybin was acquired from the Marlins before the 2011 season and emerged as one of San Diego's best players.

Maybin, 25 in April, struggled in abbreviated MLB stints over his first couple years in the majors, but he emerged as a quality regular with consistent playing time in San Diego last year. Playing in 137 games, Maybin posted a .264/.323/.393 line with 40 steals in 568 plate appearances.

While those numbers might not seem great, they're above-average when you consider park factors for San Diego's home field, and they're especially impressive for a plus defensive center fielder and base-runner. Even if Maybin shows little improvement offensively from here, he's already well above-average given the all-around value he provides.