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Second Wild Card Could Be In Place For 2012 Season

We have all heard by now that Major League Baseball plans to add in a second wild card team in both leagues. The general expectation was that the move would occur for the 2013 season, but commissioner Bud Selig has been making a push for it in 2012.

Buster Olney from ESPN tweeted yesterday that it looks like that will be the case, with two wild card teams from each league making the playoffs in 2012. He says that most of baseball believes it will be a ten-team playoff field in MLB this season, although the deadline to decide on the matter comes in just a couple weeks on March 1.

Olney says that right now they are just ironing out the details, so the two wild cards in each league now seems very likely. The format of the postseason will now begin with the two wild card teams playing each other in a one-game playoff, with the winner going on to the division series. The remainder of the postseason format isn't expected to change.