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Ryan Braun Wins Appeal; No Suspension

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Quite a few people owe this man an apology.
Quite a few people owe this man an apology.

Wow. Ryan Braun has won his appeal and will not be suspended, for 50-games or otherwise, according to Tom Haudricourt. This is undoubtedly huge news, considering both the stature of MVP-winning Ryan Braun and the varied (and some ugly) reactions throughout MLB. Braun is the first player to have a suspension overturned.

Don't forget, Braun maintained his innocence throughout the process, to which some rolled their eyes. Not sure if I'm one of those that did so publicly, but who doesn't roll their eyes when someone says they're innocent in the face of evidence?

We'll learn more about how it was overturned soon, but clearly that evidence was not good enough. Now the question that both Braun and his fans should ask is, "how will MLB -- and the media that leaked the story -- make this right?" I'm hoping there is large mea culpa from everyone involved.