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Mike Minor Demands Trade, Sort-of, Not Really, but Yeah. Trade him.

Mike Minor of the Atlanta Braves told David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he'd prefer to be traded rather than being sent back to Triple-A, assuming he's pitching well. Which, depending on how you score in reading comprehension, could mean he's demanding a trade or he's simply suggesting a course of action.

I'm not sure either is appropriate. Apparently, he can see the issue with his statement because he's attempting to walk it back, according to Mark Bowman. But it looks simply like a re-statement of the original quote, which is simply saying that he wants to be traded if he's not starting in the biggs this year.

Rob Neyer says that doesn't count as an ultimatum since Minor doesn't really have a choice. The bigger (and better) point is that Minor didn't really need to say this at this moment because even if he doesn't get the starting role, it's likely an injury to someone in the rotation would give him that opportunity anyway.

Braves' Mike Minor Issues Non-Ultimatum - Baseball Nation
Mike Minor didn't issue some sort of ultimatum. He's in no position to issue an ultimatum. I suppose he could threaten to refuse to pitch if he doesn't win a job in the rotation this spring, but when's the last time that happened? Let alone worked?

If he doesn't get the job he wants, he'll do what he's told because he has to. And it's possible that he might eventually be disappointed, for the simple reason that when everyone's healthy the Braves do have six pitchers good enough to start for any team in the major leagues.