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Morneau's Concussion Could Be Career Threatening

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Jim Souhan from the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the concussion suffered by Justin Morneau in the summer of 2010 could be career threatening. Morneau has played just 69 games since the injury.

The Twins first baseman said that he is still suffering concussion symptoms, and that he can "only torture himself for so long." He said that if the symptoms continue, he will have to retire from baseball.

"I don't think there will be a career if it's something I'm dealing with," he said. "That's the reality of the whole thing. I'm obviously not going to continue to mess around with this if it continues to be a problem. There comes a point where you can only torture yourself for so long."

Morneau is now 30 years old, and he won his American League MVP Award when he was just 25 years old. Souhan reported that Morneau also has lost a lot of weight, as he has been dieting to keep off the stress.